Message from the Principal

At Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy (OSSMA), we have high levels of expectation. But with high expectations come increased levels of aspiration. We provide high-quality teaching and learning and excellent resources that allow students to flourish and give them the confidence to achieve anything.  

We want our students to be able to compete with the best, to become the best. We want them to overcome challenges, to give them the ambition to achieve anything they want. It’s not just about character building but providing opportunities to those who wouldn’t usually have access to them. It’s about bridging the gaps and ensuring that the students receive the education they deserve.  

Here at OSSMA, we provide a safe environment, both physically and psychologically. We educate students about risks and how to remain safe. We expect our students to be able to walk proud amongst their peers and not to be afraid to offer help or ask for assistance if needed. 

We also provide a unique curriculum that goes beyond the academic challenge of the classroom. Based on our values of confidence, resilience, enthusiasm, empathy, challenge and kindness (CREECK), every moment in the academy is a learning opportunity, from the student’s first interaction with staff at the gate to the moment they leave. 

We have an extensive personal development package both during and beyond the school day that we are committed to, offering students the chance to develop themselves personally and pursue their hobbies, interests, and talents.  

Being a student at OSSMA is about much more than exam results. It’s about developing the skills, knowledge and characteristics needed to ensure that everyone can reach their potential. The students of this community are as talented and as capable as anyone. Our purpose is to ensure that they prove that.

Kelly Hassall