Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care: BTEC Tech Award Level 2.

Curriculum Intent: learning the importance of promoting health and well-being, to develop caring and empathetic individuals.

An OSSMA Health and Social Care student:

  • Is aware of the life-stages all human being go through.
  • Can recognise factors that impact on and affect development.
  • Understands that life events can play a significant role in health, well-being and development.
  • Can advise on different types of support for people struggling with life events and circumstances.
  • Understands the role and function of different types of care.
  • Appreciates that there may be barriers to help and support.
  • Can identify the core values and apply them to real-life situations.
  • Understands how health and well-being can be maintained or threatened.
  • Can advise on how to plan for improved health and well-being.
  • Is able to apply this entire body of knowledge to specific case studies throughout the course.

Pupils who opt for this course study three components:

Component 1 – Human Lifespan Development. (2022 specification) 

  • This is an internally assessed Pearson Set Assignment but externally moderated.
  • Pupils study this and complete this assignment in Year 10. 

Component 2 – Health and Social Care Services and Values.

  • Year 11: The Pearson Set Assignment will be completed in their second year and will be externally moderated. (2022 specification).

Component 3 – Health and Wellbeing. (2017 specification) 

  • This is externally assessed with an exam. • All pupils prepare for this with specific guided learning in lessons and a mock examination. 

The structure of the course is as follows:

Year 10: New 2022 specification 

Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4
Component 1, Learning Aims & B 
Component 1 Learning Aims A & B 
Preparation for Pearson set Assignment 
Component 2, Learning Aim A & B 
Pearson Set Assignment for Component 1.  
Component 2 Learning Aim A & B 
The theory is taught.Theory is taught, and preparation for the assignment Theory is taught, and Pearson Set Assignment is completed. The theory is taught. 

Year 11: New 2022 specification

Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4
Component 2: Learning Aim B and preparation for 2nd PSA task.Completion of the PSA Task.
Component 3: Exam unit
Component 3: Exam unitComponent 3: Exam unit
Theory is taught.Theory is taught and PSA completed.Theory is taught and exam preparation.Revision and examination sat.

A BTEC in Health and Social Care is a popular choice at Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy and has a high success rate.

It provides a good introduction to all manner of related careers- such as nursing, midwifery, counselling, social work, and many more.

It also helps all pupils to have a better understanding of how the health and social care sectors work, as we will all rely on them at some point in our lives. These sectors have proved to be crucial over the last 5 years and provide support to many. The content in lessons will link to current affairs and consider some of the hard-hitting stories in the news.

Many pupils go on to study the course at Level 3 at one of our local colleges, often moving on to work in this sector.