The English Curriculum

The following learning journey can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

“I think English is really engaging. I have learned lots of new and advanced vocabulary. I particularly enjoyed Greek Mythology – I find it really interesting and I think the stories are so relevant and linked to lots of other things I have read. I feel really challenged in English but can always overcome this. All of our teachers challenge us to ensure we work as hard as we can.” – Daniel Year 7

“I have enjoyed the texts we have studied such as Romeo and Juliet. I really enjoyed the storyline and taking part in performing parts of the play in class. I feel really engaged and challenged in English. We are constantly pushed to gain as much knowledge as possible.” – Layla Year 7

“I really enjoy the learning of different genres through English and how all of these and the texts we study relate to our world. Political rhetoric was particularly interesting to see how politicians and authority figures use language to persuade people.” – Charlie Year 8

“I have really enjoyed studying plays this year because it has given everyone a chance to read a part and enjoy themselves through reading. I have also felt incredibly inspired by the writing competitions we have entered this year which puts the skills we have been taught in English to the test.” Aaron Year 8

“I love how often we get to express our opinions in class and debate with others. It has really helped me understand other people’s point of view and given me a chance to share my own. I have also really enjoyed being able to infer ideas from the Gothic short stories and extracts we have studied. I always feel challenged and inspired in my English lessons.” – Devon Year 9

“Exploring different types of texts has been the best thing about English. The teachers inspire us to work hard and this helps us to overcome the challenges such as Gothic writing which we have not really done before this year.” – Scarlett Year 9

I like English because it inspires me to be motivated and passionate about the past, present and future. Oracy is a key part of English; this helps my speaking ability to express myself not only towards people when speaking but also showing elements of this expression in my work. I would say my favourite is text to study is An Inspector Calls not only because it’s interesting, but it draws my attention to what really happened to the people like Eva Smith. English also helps to expand my vocabulary and I feel that I improve my reading skills all the time.” – Conrad Ks4

“English can be a way of expressing people’s ideologies into pieces of writing it’s why it is so intriguing. I particularly enjoyed analysing An Inspector Calls as I can explore Priestley’s beliefs about society. I also enjoy studying poetry as I can see the importance of exploring different perspectives on conflict and power throughout history and it shows the importance of the respect we should have towards others.” – Piper Ks4