Providing an all-round Art experience for all OSSMA learners. This involves them learning about artists (including designers and architects) from different eras, exploring and experiencing different materials confidently and building on and developing their current skills.

OSSMA Artists will be creative learners using their knowledge and skills to produce inspiring pieces of work

There are many reasons why Art is important in the Curriculum

  • Art is a form of communication and expression which allows learning and problem-solving in a visual and practical way.
  • It allows children to develop motor skills (hand-eye coordination), social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, creativity and inventiveness.
  • Art links with a wide variety of cross-curricular subjects.
  • It allows critical thinking and opportunities to develop their voice and opinions (of the work of the Artist and their own). This can be done through a variety of mediums, from drawing to Photography, textiles and 3D

Natural Forms

(Challenge and Resilience: Personal growth – Adapting to change )

  • Drawing of poppies 


  • Drawing of Insects

Diversity and empathy

  • Colour theory
  • Designing clay wreaths and exploring paint


  • Using clay to create their wreaths


Social Chaos and morality: Morals/ethics eg use of zoos

  • Biro drawing of animals

Dreams and Aspirations: upcoming artists and career pathways in art

  • Animal drawing in the style of Isabelle Dillard

Kenyan Art

Dystopia and Injustice: 

  • Kenyan Art – recapping colour theory 
  • Designing masks, shields or jewellery


  • Making their designs using card


  • Street Artists and Banksy / Cobra
  • Exploring Street Art and the use of colour


  • Recording of architecture in the style of street art

Relationship and individuality

  • Exploring materials and techniques such as clay and paint

Environmental challenges

  • Responding to street art, artists, photographers, architects – working outside of the sketchbook – clay work

Maritime (one AO per block)

  • Fantastic and strange
  • Exam prep and exam